Negril Guide 2018

The Negril Chamber of Commerce has published the Negril Guide since 1983. Take a peak at the 2018 issue or click to learn more about size / costs!

Negril Guide 2019

Over 15,000 print copies were distributed throughout Negril hotels, resorts and businesses, as well as to visitors and locals.  Download last year's issue or view the online Flipbook version!

Negril Guide 2020

Hot off the press!  Download your copy for information about getting around Negril, where to eat/drink/stay, places of interest, and unique articles.  Use the map to guide you around town!

Negril Vendors Plaza - History

Listen to Director Emeritus Daniel Grizzle share the history behind the development of the Negril Vendors Plaza in 1994, as well as the role the Negril Chamber of Commerce has played within the community, especially with supporting small and medium enterprises.


The Negril Chamber of Commerce was pleased to receive a JMD $1,300,000 grant from the Digicel Jamaica Foundation. The  funds were used to redevelop and extend the Negril Recycling Centre’s operations.  For more information, visit our recycling page!

nrc with df nov 2019

Collaboration with UWI Mona School of Business & Management

During 2019-2021, eight groups of MBA students have conducted extensive research projects aimed at addressing unique business problems in Negril. The Negril Chamber of Commerce was excited to be part of UWI's inaugural initiative / learning experience, implementing recommended solutions and look forward to the continued partnership!

Develop Marketing Plan

Research Objectives:

  • Assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) in terms of recycling for both Negril hotels / businesses and local Negril community
  • Initiate a Balanced Scorecard framework to determine how Negril Recycling Centre can better articulate its marketing strategy and increase participation
  • Develop a Marketing Plan for Negril Recycling Centre

Develop Business Plan

  • Assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) – comparing selling of fruits / vegetables
  • Outline potential mitigating factors  and viable options for small business enterprises (SME) operating in Negril Fruit and Vegetable Market

Viability & Sustainability

  • Assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) within Negril Green Island Area Local Planning Authority (NGIALPA)
  • Develop operational, management and business-development goals for Negril Craft Market
  • Outline potential mitigating actions  and viable options for small business enterprises (SME) toward developing an Artisan Village

Municipality / Town Center

In August 2018, the NCC initiated preliminary discussions with the Hon. Desmond McKenzie, Minister of Local Government & Community Development regarding Negril becoming its own municipality (or town center) in order to have greater scope and autonomy in the management of its local affairs.


Since its inception, the Chamber has taken a leading role in the protection and preservation of the Negril environment using multi-faceted approaches. Below are the audited Financial Statements:


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The Negril Chamber of Commerce was established in 1983 as a broad based community organization working for the sustainable development of Negril - such as the 2015 Negril and Green Island Development Order.

Its membership includes a wide range of hotels, businesses, associations and individuals who are concerned about the social and physical environment of Negril.  Join us by filling out the online membership application form!

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Negril's Public Health Clinic - Needs Major Upgrades

Negril needs a functional, up-to-date clinic which is capable of delivering first-class medical care to all its residents and thousands of tourists. To achieve this, we cannot rely on the government alone - this calls for a united effort by the private and public sector, which includes all of us - business and individuals, large and small.