Don-marc Smith, reminded everyone that International Coastal Cleanup Day is a data collection exercise. Participants are required to record the types and quantity of garbage they collect at the cleanup site.


Don-marc Smith, Negril Chamber of Commerce Office Manager, attended the International Coastal Cleanup training that was held in Montego Bay.

He conducted site inspections prior to the actual Cleanup day and trained several Negril Chamber of Commerce members to help coordinate during the day.

Discovery Water

Special Thanks to Discovery Water for collaborating with the Negril Chamber of Commerce and donating water to quench the thirst of our participants.

NCC in Action

Beginning at 7am, Nola, Violet and Katrina were registering participants, coordinating groups and locations, distributing tally sheets, sharpening pencils, and handing out gloves / rakes for the hard work ahead.

Special Thanks to Discovery Water for quenching our thirst during the day!

Volunteers arrived from all over Negril (as well as other areas of Westmoreland) and across various organizations, such as the Negril Economic Development Committee.

Local Negril Craft Vendors - Roxanne and Vernetta - came at 7am to help clean up the beach right next to the Negril Craft Market.

They were pleased to be involved in the efforts!

During the Cleanup

It was truly amazing to see the fantastic turnout at the Negril Community Center beginning at 7am on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

Everyone was ready to pitch in and contribute to cleaning the Norman Manley Beach Park!

Many local area school groups participated - Negril All Age, Sheffield Primary - as well as a large group of National Youth Service students!

The Negril Chamber of Commerce was pleased to be one of the 190 sites across Jamaica and the only Chamber of Commerce to participate regularly each year.

Fabulous Volunteers

  • Local Negril Residents
  • Negril Chamber of Commerce
  • Kiwanis Club of Negril Point
  • Lions Club of Savannah La Mar
  • Rotary Club of Negril
  • Procall Solutions USA
  • NCDC / WCA
  • NEPA (Negril)
  • Negril - Green Island Local Planning Authority (NGILPA)
  • Travellers Resort
  • The Cliffs
  • Negril Treehouse
  • Rockhouse / Skylark
  • Hedonism II

*Special Thanks to Hammonds Bakery and Hedonism II for the delicious lunchtime snacks!*

Don-marc Smith, NCC Office Manager, coordinated with Mark Jones - National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) to arrange for additional pickup of the garbage collected by the volunteers.

After The Cleanup

Wow, watch this video (narrated by NCC member Katrina) of the amazing cleanup done by the volunteers - click here.

We coordinated with NSWMA to arrange picking up the 75 bags of garbage collected!